Sep 21, 2012



The Metro Edge Figure Skating Club is proud to announce that they have two new US Figure Skating Gold Medalists, Rebeca Serrano and Allie Rosemann. Both Rebeca and Allie have achieved gold medal status in ice dance by learning, mastering and testing 23 ice dances! Becoming a U.S. Figure Skating gold medalist is the culmination of many years of hard work and dedication. In a typical year, approximately 40,000 U.S. Figure Skating test levels are completed by athletes; of those, about 1,300, or 3 percent, are at the gold or senior level.
On July 20th Rebeca Serrano became MEFSC's third Gold Medalist in Ice Dancing. Rebeca also became a double USFS Gold Medalist on this day as she also holds a Gold medal in moves in the field. Rebeca is a sophomore at Cor Jesu Academy and has been skating since the age of 5. She skated on the Synergy Intermediate team last season and this year she is skating on the Synergy Junior team. Rebeca appeared as the Mouse Queen in last year's production of the Nutcracker on Ice. This year she will appear as the Sugar Plum Fairy. Rebeca would like to thank her ice dance coach Sima Baker for all her encouragement and support.
On September 15th Allie Rosemann passed her final Gold Ice Dance, making her MEFSC's 4th gold ice dance test medalist and the club's 4th double gold medalist. Allie is a freshman at Miami University where she is a member of the Miami Synchronized Skating Junior team. Allie has been skating since age 4 at the Webster Groves Ice Arena and has been a Metro Edge FSC home club member since she started competing in USFS at age 7. Allie's ice dance coach is Sima Baker, whom she would like to thank for all her encouragement and support. Allie would also like to thank Andy Stroup for his partner practice and coaching and Bonnie Stroup Basler who was her first ice dance coach.